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Phil Jamieson



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Cheersquad are very pleased to present “Somebody Else“, the first solo album by Phil Jamieson – frontman/singer/songwriter/guitarist for Grinspoon. The album comes on white vinyl, CD and digitally. All records include a digital download card.

As that doyen of the arts, Tim Rogers, says of it: “Phil’s puckish performance style is underscored by a voice that can turn choirboy or demon’s spawn in a blinding grin. This has at times overshadowed his humour and empathy, but no more. Teasing open his lapels to show heart and scars, but also hope, and the lessons learnt from throwing yourself into this art that compels and damns us. Pop music with fire and finesse.”

“Phil Jamieson had a choice. Come back as the cryogenically frozen rock star from Grinspoon’s halcyon days, or level up with swinging widescreen pop that shows off his acting chops and matured pipes. ‘Somebody Else’ opts for the latter, a bait ‘n’ switch belter that goes from collective introspection to busting out of the cocoon a beautiful butterfly. Sounds like a hit.” – Mikey Cahill

Phil has been working on his solo career for some years. Indeed, some of his ‘new’ material pre-dates his role in the Australian stage production of American Idiot. He has, however, up...  more


released July 29, 2022

Written by Phil Jamieson. Except for 'Trouble' and 'Kapow!' written by Phil Jamieson & Davey Lane, 'Rebecca' written by Phil Jamieson & Cameron Bruce, 'Little Pickle' written by Phil Jamieson & Lila Chuwin.

Produced by Phil Jamieson, Oscar Dawson, Davey Lane, Jorden Power and Ben Rosen.

Mixed by Oscar Dawson. Except for 'Kapow!' and 'Rubberband' mixed by Dylan Adams.

Recorded at Dandenong Den, Vegemite Street & Field Recordings, The Gunnery, Hideaway, My Backyard Cabin, the Cathouse and an Airbnb near Ellenborough Falls.

Additional drums by Jackson McRae and Evan Mannell.
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